Beads Programming Language
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The goal of the Beads language is to replace C++, Python, Java, and JavaScript/CSS/HTML with a single general purpose language that will last decades, and bring programming into the era of interchangeable parts, where complex products can be entirely understood from top to bottom, instead of a tangled mess of languages, tools and frameworks. We want to have API's numbering in the hundreds, not tens of thousands, and want code to last for decades because it is machine and operatin system independent. Beads is one of the simplest languages ever devised, because you don't need to learn much outside of the language and its standard library to make products.

Some of the notable features of Beads are:

Download the latest Beads software development kit (for both Macintosh and Windows, no Linux yet). We have an installation video for Macintosh, and installation video for Windows. Once you expand the .zip file into a folder, please read the Getting Started page to set up the compiler and start coding.

For community discussions, please visit Discord with this invitation

For inquiries, please email us

For Discus labeler customers wishing to obtain tech support, please send email to

Here is an example Web app written in Beads: a color picker that lets you select any of the standard HTML colors (plus a few grays that we added). You can choose to emit the color by name (for use with Beads programming), or you can click the mode button and switch to Hex output (e.g. #11bbcc). Resizes to a very small window size.

color picker

Launch the Color Chart web app     More Beads examples can be found on GitHub